Sunday, July 8, 2012

4.3 Reflection: Social & Professional Networks

Social Media, it is around the majority of us every single day whether it is Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, etc. people see and use it in their daily lives.I have both social media for my personal and professional life as a teacher. I find that using social media in conjunction with my student and parent population I am able to communicate more with them because of the daily use of social media by a 21st century society.

There are definitely drawbacks to using social media both for myself and my students & parents which by no means is a deal breaker for it's use as a communication tool. I, as I'm sure they, sometimes find myself diverging from the task and "browsing" the internet or the social media page itself. I do believe that self realization of the task does occur and we all complete the tasks we started. As I write this blog itself I am sidetracked with the Facebook notifications as they pop up for my Facebook page that is opened in one of my tabs. I find myself reading the notification then switching back to finish writing.

I try to guide my students to use social media and all internet sites as part of their learning process. This is one of the main understandings in my classroom as I have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy and we use mobile devices constantly for learning. Using social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. I am able to communicate and students are able to communicate freely in a 24/7 environment. I additionally embed the feeds/posts into my website for students to follow if they do not have any of these social media accounts. It is because of my use of technology in the classroom that has students wanting to be in my classroom. This forward thinking using what they know as fun as a learning tool has them actively involved learning about new ways to use their mobile devices.

Moving forward I think that having students incorporate Twitter into their learning process by posting topic information or websites using hashtags (#) will add to how they use social media. As I have moved over the course of the past year to a Google presence in my classroom and the use of Google +, Blogger, etc I'm interested in how that will now become the platform of preference. I do not see myself eliminating Facebook as it connects with students and parents but see more of Google + being utilized as my social media of choice.

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